Do I need a new theme?

I was looking at this blog recently and wondering if I should be looking for a new theme for it. This one works quite well, but it’s always nice to give your blog a fresh look.

I thought it might be time to have a good hard look at this blog and what the purpose really was. You know how it is after you’ve visited that very nice Chicago lasik surgeon and find that everything looks much clearer to you. Well, sometimes you can get that clear look by leaving something for a while and then taking a fresh look at it. This blog was always intended as a technology one, focusing on tips and solutions to technical issues. As such, I think the content fits with that ideal, it’s the theme I’m not too sure about.

So, what do you think? Does the theme work for you?

All your phone needs for $50 a month

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How much is your monthly phone bill? I’m sure everyone has a different answer to that one, but the biggest mistake is to think that the more calls you make, the higher your phone bill. The reason this may not be true is because companies like Net10 actually have plans where you can pay a fixed amount a month and use your phone as much as you like. In the case of Net10, they have an “Unlimited Minutes, Text and Web” for $50 a month. That’s right, it’s an “All you can eat” plan which means your cost is capped at $50 regardless of how much you use your phone.

I hadn’t come across Net10 before, but it’s nice to read about them and hear a testimonial from a Real NET10 customer which really outlines some great reasons why the company is used. I love the fact, for example, that you can pick up a phone for as low as $15, just add credit and off you go. They have excellent coverage across the U.S. and also provide long distance calls to around 75 countries. In fact, here are 10 good reasons to switch to Net10:

All in all, it looks like a great package and an good choice if you’re looking for a prepaid phone provider. Can out this Cute NET10 commercial if you want to learn more.

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New laptop – 64-bit Windows

It’s a new year and I have a new laptop to play with, a Dell Vostro 3700 with an i5 processor, 6Gb of RAM and a giant screen, probably one of the biggest I’ve used. The notable difference from previous technology is that it runs 64-bit Windows. I had a brief forray into 64-bit a couple of years ago, but within a couple of days I switched back to 32-bit, as some of the hardware I was using didn’t have 64-bit drivers. Luckily technology has moved on, so I’ve had no drivers issues with this one. In fact, Windows Update is so efficient that it just takes care of all that for me without even making the process visible to me.

I’ll keep you posted of successes and issues I have. In the meantime, I’m off to play and build my new laptop.

Check out the LG Optimus 7

This post brought to you by LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having a passion for technology means that I do get through my fair share of phones. And every now and again, one comes up that makes me stop what I’m doing and want to learn more. That’s exactly what happened when I saw this ad for the LG Optimus 7

Ok, it’s based in a fairy-tale world, but it does give you a flavour of some of the functionality of the phone. It’s running Windows Mobile 7, the latest  mobile Operating System, which already promises some great stuff (especially if you’re already tied into the whole Zune/XBox ecosystem). But it also adds a number of LG specific enhancements including a great Voice to Text feature and the ability to talk to other devices wirelessly. The specification of the phone is pretty good too, with oodles of memory, a large bright screen and a battery that promises to keep the phone going for a decent amount of time.

If you want to learn more, you can find more information down at their Facebook page: LG Optimus 7

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Computers within computers

I came across a great article about how computer geeks are using virtual worlds to build virtual computers here at Wired. It goes into detail how this is done; the key being finding items in the game that can sit in one of two states. Once you figure out how to create logic gates, you have the building blocks you need to create an ALU and the rest of the logic required for a computer.

I’m not sure if there’s any money in doing this, so don’t quit your healthcare jobs just yet; but it’s a great hobby if you have the brains to do it!

Read it all here

Windows slates for Christmas

It seems like Steve Ballmer is once again proclaiming how Windows slates will be available for Christmas running Microsoft’s new Mobile OS. Personally I’m not convinced, Microsoft has a pretty poor track record in my books when it comes to delivering anything and so far all I’ve seen and heard of Windows Mobile 7 just sounds like spin. Others agree that this will NOT be the best thing since sliced bread, I personally have my doubts if Microsoft will even deliver anything that is anywhere as usable as the iPad. Ballmer is starting to feel more like a salesman selling a weight loss diet program than the leader of one of the biggest technology companies around.

We’ll wait and see.

About parties, banners and invitations

The twins will be 1 in a couple of days time and we got a special banner made for their birthday. It’s great how you can find these things online, I believe my wife bought it from eBay. It cost a couple of pounds and the was over the moon that she could have something custom-made for her. You can get Wedding favours, Baptism invitations, custom-tailored clothes and anything you can imagine online. And it’s not usually hard to find. eBay is a great place to find stuff like that, but there are also other places.

It’s great to be able to find anything you can imagine!

WordPress everywhere

I keep getting surprised at the multitude of places that I keep bumping into WordPress. I was looking at which I came across almost by accident. Something prompted me to View Source on the page and guess what .. it was build in WordPress. There’s a pretty easy way to know this. If you see references to a wp-content folder in the source, then you can be pretty sure that the site is built on WordPress.

There are other indicators; for example, the page uses a plugin called All-In-One-SEO which is one of the major WordPress plugins at the moment. It’s just great to be proficient in a platform that’s so widespread.

Build your own form

I came across an interesting project that helps you create your own forms. It’s called Email Me Form and uses a wizard to help you build a form. Once the form is built it gives you the code to embed on your site and off you go. Users can visit your site, fill in your form and you’ll get it by email. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it as a contact form, for users to ask for an insurance quote or even for people to order things from your website.

It’s great that these tools exist, they make being a webmaster so much more fun!